Simon Doble

SolarBuddy / CEO and Founder

Simon Doble, CEO and Founder of SolarBuddy is committed to uniting a global community to gift six million solar lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030, to help them continue studying after dusk and to improve their educational outcomes.  He is also the Founder of Boo Boo Bikes, a range of natural bamboo bikes handmade in Ghana, West Africa and assembled in Australia. Simon is also an author of 12 children’s books focussed on child safety and positive social messages.  A humanitarian at heart, Simon is determined to create socially aware businesses and projects. 

He was a Founding member of the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA), the Moving Energy Initiative of Chatham House in London UK, an initiative funded by DFID to develop an understanding of the solar needs of refugees across the world and a member of Lighting Africa.  

As a member of the UNHCR committee, Simon advocated to have solar products included as a core relief for all refugees and internally displaced people around the world. 

Simon won an Australian Design Awards in 2015 and DFID Humanitarian Design Awards in 2012, for his life-transforming designs.  

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