Mary Rushton-Beales

Lighting Design House / Principal and founder

Mary has more than 30 years of experience in the lighting world, having begun her career with Philips Lighting in the ‘80s and run her own independent lighting design practice since 1995. She has lectured on lighting design to degree level students of interior and three-dimensional design, since 1988. This involvement with further education has enabled her practice to engage the most talented emerging designers.

Her experience of lighting design includes both daylight analysis and artificial light for a range of commercial spaces, artworks, and residential schemes, both at home and abroad; particularly in the Middle East.

In 2000, she became fascinated with the effect of light on the body and undertook to collate the research of the time into an accredited RIBA CPD lecture, designed to explain current advice and suggest lighting approaches and techniques for projects. This led to interaction with forward-thinking design practices and passionate individuals such as Alistair Gould who appointed Mary and her team to design the lit environment at Pines Calyx. Completed in 2008, the final scheme is one of the first bio-dynamic lightings schemes using colored light in the UK.

Recent project-based collaboration with Biophilic design academic Steve Edge of Salvedge sustainable design means that applying Biophilic Design principles is now a key element of the design process of the healthy lit environments that she creates.


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