LIT Design Awards honors the best in lighting product design and lighting design globally with the goal of advancing the appreciation of design worldwide.


Why Should You Register?

With 47 categories in Lighting Product Design and 31 categories in Lighting Design represented, LIT is one of the most comprehensive lighting design competitions, uniting creativity, and innovation. This award is a powerful cross-disciplinary platform from which to promote your designs to a truly international market.

Brand Differentiation

Becoming a LIT Design Award winner will set you apart from the competition. Whether it’s your product design credential or a sustainable concept, by carefully selecting the category you enter, you can create a niche to make you stand out from your competitors. The LIT Design Awards is an independent endorsement and an outstanding indicator of success.

Marketing Opportunities

Being associated with a business awards event provides excellent PR opportunities before, during and after the event. LIT Winners will improve brand awareness and support the promotion of your business to new design professionals and potential clients worldwide. The team has strong relationships with all major design-related media which will maximize your company’s PR exposure.
After winning, make sure to update your marketing materials with the LIT logo, including your business cards, website, literature, email, and sales material. It’s important to make sure that people know what your business has achieved.

Increased Credibility

The LIT prize or Honourable Mention acts as a 3rd-party endorsement for your business. Our winning badge is a sign of quality for potential customers and can be a part of your sales strategy. It’s a great way of differentiating your company from competitors.

Boosting Morale

Winning a prize or receiving LIT Honourable Mention is a very public way of recognizing the hard work and achievements of your staff. Awards should be celebrated as a team to boost morale.

Attracting Talent and Investment

Being recognized as a LIT Winner is building your brand to attract new talent and engage with potential investors.


Lighting Product / Lighting Designer of the year
Emerging Lighting Product / Lighting Designer
Category Winners
Honorable Mention
LIT Trophy
Cash Prize of US$1000
Winner Interview Web
Mentioned in winners press release distributed to magazines, blogs and partners
Receive a complimentary copy of the yearly catalog
E-newsletter announcement to over 100,000 subscribers
Featured in the Yearly Winners catalog
Dedicated social media posts
Invited to the yearly Winner Event
Winners / Honorable Mention Digital Badge
Winners / Honorable Mention Digital Certificate
Exposure at online winners' exhibition
International PR service
Publicity benefits from extensive awards communication campaign
Share your submission feature - engage with the global photo community

How to promote your award-winning product & company?

We know that social proof is one of the most influential factors in consumers’ decision making. Consumer and Professional (third party) reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than internal descriptions; the LIT Design Awards is the ultimate review and testimonial.

Print your certificate and winner badge, add them on your website, share with your community on social media, website, and direct marketing.

Add the Winner badge on your product package and design brochures. This is a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Issue a Press Release and send it to your local media and/ or communication agency. LIT is publishing the official winner press release on the LIT website.

Add your winner badge to your email signature: Your email signature is seen daily by scores of people who may not know about your award. Just add a statement that says “winner of the (year) (award name)” so that every outgoing email is also a testament to your achievement.

Add the winner badge to your product design page and product display: share with your retailers/resellers so they will display the signage to the public. This is catchy and will drive interest.

Involve your team: your sales & marketing team should celebrate the achievement to boost their morale and communicate the win to all their contacts/clients.

Consider an advertisement. It’s common for companies to take out an advertisement after they’ve won an award to call attention to their achievement, or possibly to congratulate fellow winners.

Add “award-winning” to all company descriptions. After you win an award, from that day on you have the right to call yourselves an “award-winning” company. An industry-recognized award serves as an independent endorsement of your company’s quality. Winning the LIT Design Awards is a great competitive advantage for your company and more importantly, it’s an evaluation that will bolster potential customers’ trust when coupled with your internal marketing material.