Hammam by Antonia Peón-Veiga Iluminación Arquitectónica


Since 2017 the LIT Design Awards has been awarding the industry best Companies, Designers, Manufacturers, Students and Emerging Talents. Receiving lighting designs applications from over 50 countries from Canada to Croatia, from Brazil to Thailand; this program a global reference for the industry.

With the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, the program is also honoring those who have inspired generations of designers throughout their career, while the “Spotlight Prize” is given to an organization that carries out remarkable work for the Lighting industry. The LIT Lighting Design Awards is about celebrating people, their passion, and recognizing those that have pushed the boundaries of the industry.


The Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced in 2018 to recognize Lighting Designers, Lighting Product Designers, and other professionals in the Lighting Industry, whose contributions over their entire careers are inspirational. Dedicated to professionals with a minimum of 40 years of experience in the industry with outstanding performance, the Award is today the highest honor awarded in the lighting design field. Every year,  the LIT Awards team receives nominations from the jury members directly.

There is no fee to nominate a designer, all applications need to be completed by October 1st, 2024.

To nominate for the LIT Lifetime Achievement Award, please email info@litawards.com with the following materials:

  • The Lighting Designer’s Full Name and contact details
  • Current Company Information
  • Headshot of Designer – portrait
  • Nominee Bio (400 to 500 words)
  • Description of his/her career in the lighting industry (700 – 900 words)
  • Series of designs, 5-7 images of work/projects
  • A list of other involvements in the industry such as academic, associative, mentorship…and more

Take a look at the previous LIT Lifetime Achievement Award recipient’s interviews:


The Spotlight Prize has been introduced in 2020 to reward and put the “spotlight” on an organization, association, project, or initiative that carries out remarkable work for its community and has a major contribution to the Lighting Industry. In the last years, the LIT Lighting Design Awards honored not for profits organization helping cities, project promoting and supporting women in the industry and a school newly founded engaged towards education accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity.  Every year, the LIT Awards team is receiving nominations from the jury members and directly.

There is no fee to nominate, all applications need to be completed by October 1st, 2023.

To nominate a recipient of the Spotlight Prize, please email info@litawards.com with the following materials:

  • Name of the Project, Organization, or Initiative
  • The website address, social media accounts, or other communication platforms used
  • Names and contact details of the founders or representatives
  • A brief description about the organization, activities and achievements (600 to 800 words)

Take look at the previous LIT Awards Spotlight Prize Recipients:

Craig A. Bernecker, Professor of Lighting Design at Parsons School of Design receives the LIT 2021 Lifetime Achievement prize at the LIT Awards event in Athens, May 2022.


LIT Lighting Design Awards is the sibling Award of  SIT Furniture Design Award (SIT), FIT Sport Design Awards (FIT), all focusing on Product Esthetic, Concepts & Enhancement, which have emerged as some of the most well-known Design Awards today.

The LIT Design Award is a program under the 3C Awards, a leading organization curating and promoting design across the globe. The company represents today’s diversity and innovation in Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Sport Design, Interior Design, and Architecture. Each brand is a symbol of design excellence around the world, showcasing Professional and Emerging designers’ work to over 100 expert jury members.

Developed by Hossein Farmani and Astrid Hébert, 3C Awards is part of a larger organization 3C GROUP based in Switzerland and specialized in Awards, Marketing, Media, and Events. 3C Group is a sister company to Farmani Group, founded by Hossein Farmani. Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985.

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