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Kasper Hammer

Studio Kasper Hammer / Design Producer, Creative Direction, Designer

Kasper Hammer is a lighting designer and product director that has been influential in a broad range of the lighting industry from product, brand building and architectural lighting design.

Kasper Hammer holds a Bachelor’s in Product design, LSBU and a master’s degree in Light and Lighting from The Bartlett, UCL, UK. He has worked internationally in Europe and UAE on architectural and urban lighting design from offices based in Copenhagen and London.

During a substantial period as the Product and Design Director at the renowned lighting brand Louis Poulsen he has been deeply involved in launching several internationally award-winning lighting products for architectural, urban projects as well as some of the most successful lighting product in the consumer market. Kasper has collaborated with some of the most acclaimed designers and architects as well as supporting the new an upcoming designer at the academies.

Based in Denmark he today runs his own studio serving the high-end lighting industry with creative and commercial direction as well as running an architectural lighting design practice. Kasper is very active in the lighting industry being a board member of Copenhagen Light Festival and regularly gives talk on lighting and design.

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