Laura Bernadet

Supervex SAS / President

Laura is the president of Supervex SAS a new company based in France purposefully blurring the boundaries between light, architecture, art and design. Her attraction to light and lighting started on cinema sets as an assistant director of photography. She studied art and architecture history at Laval University in Canada. Interested in the impact of light on our interpretation of  the everyday she completed an MA in Architectural Lighting Design in Germany. Since then she has always kept a balance between practice and theory.

While working as an independent lighting designer collaborating on different projects with high-end lighting practices, she worked as an Assistant Professor in Lighting Design at Høgskolen i Buskerud in Norway and at Jönköping University in Sweden. She has been engaged in international lighting associations around research and education, PLDA, IALD and has lectured and conducted workshops in Europe and China.

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