John Bullock

The Light Review / Publisher and editor

John Bullock was born to be a lighting designer. “Don’t blame me; it wasn’t my fault.” He was qualified in ‘Illumination Engineering’ in the early 1970s, working in electrical building services before joining a lighting manufacturer. By the end of 1984 John was working as an independent lighting designer, one of the new generation of UK lighters.

The first iteration of his career saw him working as Design Director with a lighting design consultancy that he founded in London in 1986. It was the age of shopping centers; the ‘retail experience’; new museums and galleries; business parks and hotels and . . .  anything but residential.

The second iteration followed a move out of London to the South West of England where, if you want to be a lighting designer, you WILL do residential projects. And that’s what John has been doing for the past 20 years.

John has always written for the UK lighting press, leading to the position of Applications Editor with Lux Review in 2016. That provided the opportunity to talk to any and every manufacturer and designer in the country. A great time -but it was never going to last.

These days, John divides his time between providing high-end residential design within an hour of his home in Dorset and managing The Light Review which he established in 2019. If The Light Review is about anything it’s about Good Lighting – whatever that means to you.

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