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LIT Design Awards Welcomes Lighting Submissions from Around the World

The LIT Design Awards ™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementer. We believe that lighting is both an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design. LIT was envisioned to celebrate the creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting products and application.

Prepare your entries for our 2019 LIT Awards, coming Summer 2019.
2018 Winners have been announced.

2018 Winners

2019 Winners

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
@artefact_industries has produced this gorgeous lighting design for the Red Energy Office in Melbourne, Australia. A Category Winner in Designer and Custom Lighting, Artefact Industries is making big moves this year and impressing us all!

This large scale light installation was developed with @carrdesigngroup, with the design intending to reference the building’s origins as a match factory. To create a sense of inviting ambiance within the multi-function work space, the vision was to have scattered points of light that represented clusters of LIT matches 😉 What a vision it is! 💡 please help me in congratulating the designers Michael Dernaj & Kate Steele on their innovative work! Read more about the project at the link in our bio! #LIT #LITdesignawards #2018 #ArtefactIndustries #Melbourne #Australia #RedEnergy #CarrDesignGroup #lightinstallation #clusters #litmatches #lightingdesign #lightingdesigner #lightdesign
“Ecliptic” is an LED lighting product designed by Xiaoqing Long in Düsseldorf, Germany. Inspired by the phenomenon of astronomy, angles similarly occurring while rotating around a centre point, Ecliptic has been named our 2018 LIT Emerging Lighting Product of the Year!

Inspired by Kenneth Snelson’s linear sculptures, Ecliptic stays like a two-dimensional line when it overlaps, but in rotation it begins to build up the three-dimensional forms. Aluminum wire is the main material of the lamp, accompanied with the copper and rubber rings. Long finds out the neutral color of aluminum harmoniously matches the brass color which coordinates a homey feeling.
In our designer’s mind, to be playful is a way to show more possibilities for the product – with these interactions between people, the lamp becomes alive. Congratulations to our student lighting design winner, Xiaoqing Long! #LITEmergingLightingProductoftheYear #LITStudentLightingDesigner #LIT #LITdesignawards #lightingdesign #productdesign #dusseldorf #germany #lightingproductdesigner #LEDdesigner #LEDlighting #LEDlights #LEDlamps #2018LITawards
The moment we have been waiting for … Congratulations to our 2018 LIT Lighting Designer of the Year – LICHT KUNST LICHT! The winning design chosen by our Jurors is the Bike Square, Novartis Campus in Basel.
What an incredible project! Exclusively for bicycles, the pharmaceutical group Novartis built a subterranean garage for more than 800 bicycles, forming an impressive architectural site. The extraordinary architectural space was designed by Marco Serra and is bathed in a gentle light via large luminous “wheels” planned by the team from @LichtKunstLicht.
The striking gesture of the 16 oversized ring luminaires with a stately diameter of 7m each is the result of a complex custom luminaire development. Read more on our website and view the rest of the winners!
Images © Johannes Roloff #LIT #LITdesignawards #LichtKunstLicht #LightingDesigneroftheYear #lightingdesign #winner #Novartis #MarcoSerra #MartinaWeiss #LEDinteriors #LED #lightdesign #bicycles #architectural #subterranean #LEDlighting
With our 2018 FINAL DEADLINE just days away, we wanted to share @massimiliano.moro’s success in the last year since winning LIT 2017 Emerging Lighting Designer of the Year and receiving the LIT Scholarship - to read about his success in producing a heatsink prototype piece to expand his light installations, visit the link in our bio! These photos show Max’s new way of working in light art due to this addition and feature some of his 2018 exhibitions around the world.

Submit to the LIT Design Awards in the professional category to be our LIT Lighting Designer of the Year and enter our Scholarship Program to have the chance of winning a cash prize and global PR campaign to launch your lighting career! Deadline is THIS THURSDAY, January 31st. Don’t miss out! #LITdesignawards #lightingdesigner #lightinstallation #lightart #productdesign #lightingproductdesign #massimilianomoro #palmyrart #LIT #submittoday