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Profile Lighting

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Linnaea Tillett and Tillett Lighting Design Associates
Other Designer's names Brian Revoir and Kirt Martin
Client Landscape Forms
Photo Credits Bruce Racine and Pete McDaniel
Completion Date 9/9/21
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Entry Description
The Profile family of lights creates beautiful and intentional light emanating from a refined, minimalist design. Shadows from Profile’s I-beam channels and modular column design build a light experience like no other, creating poetry between the sculptural form and the play of light upon the object and its surroundings.

The Profile line’s palette of configurable options tailor the light’s aesthetic and performance to fit a variety of applications. One product family, composed of an area light, accent light, column light, and performance, wayfinding, and unlit perimeter bollard, appropriately lights an array of spaces, from large, open areas and narrow pathways to landscape beds and building entrances.

The Profile area, accent, and column lights have four heights and four color temperatures. The area light has three distributions, two outputs, and a clear and diffused lens; accent and column have a standard output and diffused lens. A 10-foot-tall base unit, two-foot-tall add-on sections, and foot lights further tailor the lights’ performance and aesthetic. Three bollard types define boundaries and subtly light paths and landscaping.