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Juno Trac T388L Vertical Cylinder

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Acuitybrands- Juno Trac
Lead Designers Joseph Bonasera
Completion Date 4/25/21
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Entry Description
This NEW, state of the art track fixture features 360° of rotation and greater than 90° vertical aiming completing the already popular Juno Trac vertical cylinder family. Delivering 5500 lumens, this trac fixture is ideal for long throw or high ceiling applications such as atriums, lobbies, museums, and open ceilings. In addition, it features an advanced high-performance LED engine for consistent, bright white light; an integral field replaceable TIR optic for uniform beam spreads and outstanding center beam candle power, and finally, a convenient media cartridge for ease of optic replacement and light control accessory. A side mounted vertical driver also minimizes the overall fixture footprint, never compromising the environment it illuminates.