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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Centerlight Inc
Lead Designers Ivan Petrushin
Completion Date 1/1/20
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Entry Description
Simultaneously graphic and subtle, Magfinity is flexible, precise, and as creative as you. An excellent choice for both commercial and residential spaces, Magfinity is high-end geometric linear LED lighting. Highlight the best features for eccentric space with this clean-cut and modern fixture. Magfinity boasts an angular track and a series of functional designer luminaries.
Inspiration was to create a lighting system that is easy to specify, with an easy-to-modify layout, and a large variety of elegant spots, pendants, and area light fixtures. Making for a versatile lighting choice for new property developments. Centerlight strives for a perfect balance of form and function. We make sure our products look elegant, unique, usable, and durable; we test every product rigorously. And it shows with Magnfinity.
Experience and research into the installation process of high end lighting and the complexities that go with it provided the inspiration to create the Magnifity system. Which specializes in a simple installation process while providing a high-end lighting system that is clean, modern, and infinitely customizable.