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The Konigsberg Cathedral

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MYMAF
Lead Designers Sergey Ludvig
Client Konigsberg Cathedral
Completion Date Jan 2021
Project Location Kaliningrad, Russia
Entry Description
As part of the work with Kant's Island, both in its conceptual part and implementation, a separate task was the elaboration of the Cathedral. At the moment, it is one of the important culturally significant symbols of Kaliningrad

Conceptually, the cathedral is dominant both locally (within the island) and globally (in the city panorama). To fulfill the conceptual task, the main solution was to create and maintain a coherent perception of the cathedral volume, taking into account that its height at its peak point is about 63 m

The basic temperature scheme is based on a combination of 2700K for the brick wall and 4000K for the copper roof. The most successful combination was suggested at the conceptual stage and tested with a mockup

Cathedral is integrated into the overall control system which takes into account light pollution and environmental impact on the park area. It has basic everyday cascading scenarios with dimming

As a result, the approach and solutions made it possible not only to accomplish the task, but also to make a sufficiently soft and inviting perception, both from the lighting itself and from the entire scale and volume of the cathedral