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Wang Zengqi Memorial Hall

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company TJAD
Lead Designers Xiu Yang
Other Designer's names Limin Jiang, Xingru Chen, Xiaqing Xu, Xueting Ge
Client Gaoyou Qin You Traveling Development Co., Ltd
Photo Credits Chen Hao, Yin Ming, Yang Xiu
Completion Date 15-10-2020
Project Location Jiangsu, China
Entry Description

The lighting design shapes the natural continuation of light from the interior to exterior. The interior lighting design pays attention to the illumination of the wall to enhance the perception of the indoor light environment in the outdoor space. Outdoor landscape lighting pays attention to the design of the water reflection effect, while satisfying functional lighting, it also shapes the light environment of the water scenery. The restrained exterior lighting design is limited applies to the design of the most important architectural features, which accentuate the transparency of the feature large French windows and illuminate hall's iconic triangular windows.
To achieve high-quality lighting details, the lamps installed on concrete buildings need to reserve lamp slots and pipelines in advance, so that the integrated design of the building and luminaires can be realized. The illumination color temperature adopts a differentiated design to find a balance between the iconicity of the hall and the integrity of the traditional historical district. The 3000K color temperature is well integrated into the surrounding historical district environment.