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The Roof

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lumia lighting design
Lead Designers Cai yezhen
Other Designer's names He jiahao/Li chang/Zhang jun/Li mengya
Completion Date October 2020
Project Location China/Shanghai
Entry Description

The Roof is located at the intersection of Madang Road and Jianguo East Road, which is opposite Zhonghai Uni Fans. Mr. Jean Nouvel has created this exciting building after a detailed analysis on the history and context in New world of Shanghai. Meanwhile Lumia is also honored to have collaborated with Mr. Jean Nouvel, working with the AJN team on the lighting design of this inspiring cultural landmark.

The lighting design takes "stage" as the design theme, once you are in the inner street, you will be like entering a dream theater, and you will become "actors" performing on the stage. Light is sprinkled from above, and people are "actors" and "audiences", experiencing an exciting space journey.

As night falls, light gives more possibilities to architecture, which makes the space more charming, more bold, more enchanting and more attractive. The buildings, the lights, the plants and the people that move through them all work together, so as to create a space with infinite possibilities.