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Yixing Yada Downtown

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Eastco Lighting Design
Lead Designers Zhen Yuan
Other Designer's names Chen Luo
Client Yixing Yada Development Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Eastco Lighting Design
Completion Date 05.2020
Project Location Yixing Jiangsu
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Entry Description
The Yixing Yada Downtown is located in a cozy place - Yixing, Jiangsu Province. This project is focusing on the expression of Yixing's profound history and culture, as well as it's featured traditional architecture. Through thoroughly analysis of the overall architectural and landscape layout, with a fully understanding of the urban planning as well as the pedestrian flow planning, a comprehensive lighting design is presented to create a very cozy and pleasant living environment, where the elements such as architecture, landscape, retail, and most importantly, people, are all connected and resonated.The lighting design that we created is not only to highlight the featured architecture and landscape, but also to provide a comfortable and natural lighting atmosphere and living environment for the tourists. We strive to present the overall lighting in a way that is natural and dynamic, so that the tourists can really enjoy a pastoral lifestyle.