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One Sino Park Sales Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company JBS Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Hank Shih
Other Designer's names Fiona Lang
Architecture Company Lacime Architects
Client Sunac China Holding Limited
Project Location Tianjin
Company Link View
Entry Description
The lighting concept is trying to enhance the simple and clean theme of the building. The aluminum overhanging eave is illuminated by small profile fixtures concealed within the exterior curtain wall. An asymmetric linear trip light is used to consistently illuminate the eaves of the 2nd and 3rd floor to create a thin and floating element. The other type of linear strip light with inner shield is installed on the ground to prevent the glare and carefully wash the red terra-cotta walls and light up the 1st layer of the eave to echo with the rest of the horizontal eaves.

The garden is surrounding by a long corridor. The trees located on the reflecting pool are lit by the 3000K color temperature in-ground fixtures. The trees are reflected by the pool to create the focal point of the garden.

During nighttime, the glass brick wall can be used as the background of the garden or it will become a feature wall, an interactive lighting installation which is consisted of glass bricks and a led mesh screen. The topic of ‘Mei River Into The Sea’ is presented in front of all visitors. The combination of Chinese brush looking wave line and its reflected image make an interesting picture.