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Domum Showroom

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MartinDollerDesign/ Madestudio
Lead Designers Martin Doller
Architecture Company Three14 Architects
Interior Design Company Domum
Client Domum
Photo Credits Adam Letch
Project Location Cape Town, South Africa
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Entry Description
Our lighting design approach to this premium retail space was different to conventional retail lighting. We wanted to create an environment where the retail experience simulated a homely luxurious residential space that the products on display are intended for. We used warm white light with High CRI to complement and enhance the rich materials, colours and textures of the luxurious goods on display. To balance the natural light through the large display windows we created a large artificial skylight powered with the latest in LED panels combined with a seamless Barrisol membrane in the centre of the showroom as a focal point to the showroom space. The artificial skylight provides a dual purpose in the evenings to minimise the reflections in the retail windows from the outside that draws your eye to the centre of the showroom. The showroom has frosted glass office cubicles for private client meetings. The task lighting over the desks that create glowing light boxes which act like large lanterns providing soft ambient light to the rest of the showroom. The lighting scheme was designed to created maximum comfort to keep visitors in the space to be inspired for longer.