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Canopy by Hilton Hangzhou Jinsha Lake

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company LDPi (China Branch)
Lead Designers Tewa Srilaklang, Dominique Phommahaxay, Lily Li
Completion Date 2019
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Entry Description
The Canopy by Hilton Hangzhou Jinsha Lake is located on the bank of the Jinsha Lake in the Qiantang New Area of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China.
In the lobby, guests are welcomed by a pendant light surrounded by osmanthus, which is the city flower of Hangzhou. The flowers are like falling from the moon, making the hall glorious and bringing blessing to the guests. Behind the front desk, waves of the Qiantang river are revealed via hidden LEDs. Around the lobby, there are also herons light sculptures inspired by birds found at the Jinsha lake.

The hotel uses energy saving LEDs with high color rendering index to clearly display elements with their proper color. The lights are dimmable with a warm white 3000K in public areas while 2700K in guestrooms to make guests comfortable and even virtually detaching the unique, distinctive and iconic canopy bed frame from the wall and the ceiling.
In the elevator lobby, an unmissable backlit floor number anchored on the wall reminds guests they arrived on the correct floor. It also separates the waiting area with its sofas from the corridor leading to the guest rooms.