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Shanghai Concert Hall

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company TJAD
Lead Designers Xiu Yang
Other Designer's names Chen Bian, Xiaqing Xu, Wenjing Ge, Feng Xu
Client Shanghai Concert Hall
Photo Credits Ma Yuan
Completion Date 15-09-2020
Project Location Shanghai, China
Entry Description
There are four main sparkles in lighting design. First of all, in the intelligent lighting control system, power distribution systems and control methods are logically, as well as the light sources, luminaires, ballasts and other accessories are evaluated strictly, to ensure that the lighting equipment does not disturb the performance with any noise, so that the musical performance could be presented perfectly. Secondly, the lighting design is based on the principle of "vertical surface light", which not only provides brightness for vertical interface, but also decorate the vertical skin texture and strengthen the aesthetic of the space. At the same time, "vertical surface lighting" improves the visual brightness perception for users in the concert hall. Besides, multi-professional collaboration has been realized in the design stage of the performance hall: multi professional integrated design such as architecture, interior, acoustics, digitization, lighting, and many so on, so that the final integration effect among various specialties is optimal.