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The Cinema at Selfridges

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company ASlight
Lead Designers Anna Sbokou
Other Designer's names Catia Milia-Argeiti
Architecture Company FDArchitecture
Interior Design Company Dimorestudio
Client Olympic Cinemas, Selfridges & Co
Photo Credits James Newton
Completion Date December 2019
Project Location London, UK
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Entry Description

The Cinema at Selfridges, it’s the first permanent department store cinema in the world. The interior is designed with cinema in mind and a retro flair in the detailing of the interior. The audience are transported to a flamboyant set reminiscent of a David Lynch film. The colour palette of the interior is enhanced and complimented by the dynamic lighting strategy: Accent lighting on saturated coloured surfaces, colourful light wash with RGB dynamic changes and light play between reflective panels. The lighting of the canopy in the entrance resembles the old, iconic theatre entrances as it consists of hundreds of light bulbs mounted on a reflective surface. Each screen room has its own colour (Green, Red, Blue) identity and some common lighting features such as the accent lighting on the seats and the screen curtain. Entering the bar, the visitor is immersed into a retro atmosphere with intense colours that remind the psychedelic 60s interiors. The lighting enhances the bold textures and colors and creates micro – atmospheres within the space.