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Tien-Ching Academy

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Photo Credits TOPIA Vision
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Entry Description
Tien-Ching Academy locates at the foot of National Park of Hangzhou Banshan, which serves as a quiet corner in the city that enjoys serene natural scenery.
The core of the project lies with aesthetic of Sung dynasty. The main structure of the building is a court with courtyard with white wall and gray tiles. A courtyard with canals in the center faces Banshan. Various functions surround the central area: incense burning, tea boiling, painting, and wall tapestry. Everything echoes the artistic culture of Sung dynasty. The exterior of the building resonates with the naturalistic garden, reflecting the joy of life and spiritual freedom.
The lighting design utilizes cultural element with the poem by Su Shi, “The sun took it away, while the moon delivered it.” We hope the lighting in all space could be as natural as possible, resembling the rise of sun and moon. One may relax and enjoy the living experience of Sung dynasty and its cultural significance.