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Qiddiya Exterior Projection Mapping

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Alan Mitchell, Anneke Bester, Nonita Sabin, Gary Thornton
Architecture Company EDSA
Client Qiddiya Investment Company
Photo Credits Qiddiya Investment Company
Other Credits Martin Professional
Completion Date DEC 2019
Project Location Qiddiya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Entry Description

Neolight is working on the Architectural and Landscape Lighting Masterplan of Qiddiya for 367 square Kms of area .As a start to the project and as an introduction of Qiddiya to the world ,Qiddiya investment company approached Neolight to light the iconic Cliff with Logo of Qiddiya(100mx100m) with some architectural RGB lights. The Cliff being a blank canvas to us we definitely wanted to do more. We pitched in the idea of projection Mapping with Martin professional and the client was on board after the first mock up. There are 84 Barco Lazer projectors placed all around the cliff in 9 Marine Airconditioned Containers to map an area of 32000 sqm. The challenges of projecting a uniform image on a natural canvas with an irregular structure are manifold . The external challenges of the dusty desert and interconnectivity of both power and data was an add on. This iconic cliff brings in endless possibilities for artists around the world to tell stories and currently the worlds largest permanent Exterior projection mapping.