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The Left Bank Science and Technology Park

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company TJAD
Lead Designers Xiu Yang
Other Designer's names Ming Zhang, Shu Qin, Wenmin Qiu, Chen Bian
Client Water Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Photo Credits Yin Ming
Completion Date 15-10-2020
Project Location Shenzhen, China
Entry Description
Lighting design continues the architectural concept. It uses continuous linear light to strengthen the "double-line" landscape form and combined with DMX512 control system to achieve the dynamic effect of "double-line flow" during special periods. A lighting control system not only increases vitality at night, but also conducive to light energy savings. Lighting scenes in weekday, weekend, and festival modes provide a better balance between visual effects and energy control.
The lighting design of the park mainly addresses the issue of functional lighting and taking into account the landscape lighting. Anti-glare buried lamps are used on the ground floor to illuminate the pillars and ceiling to ensure soft reflected illumination in the walkway. The sky corridor adopts 3000K linear lamps embedded in the handrails of the corridor bridge to provide functional lighting on the ground and ensure the continuity of the night landscape space.
Architectural lighting is based on the modeling of the folding board of the building. Combined with the design of indoor lighting, illuminates the inside and outside of the folded roof to strengthen the sense of the sequence of the building.