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Museo Arqueológico de La Serena, MALS

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Limarí Lighting Design
Lead Designers Pascal Chautard
Other Designer's names Felipe Grandón, Fabiola Martinez
Architecture Company Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos
Interior Design Company Encaje
Client Servicio Nacional del Patrimonio Cultural, Subdirección Nacional de Museos
Photo Credits Aryeh Kornfeld
Other Credits Museology y Production: Subdirección Nacional de Museos
Completion Date april 2021
Project Location La Serena, Chile
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Entry Description

The Archaeological Museum of La Serena, created in 1943, seeks to be a meeting place with the regional prehistoric and historic indigenous local civilizations.

The work strategy consisted of carrying out an exhaustive analysis with the multidisciplinary team, which enabled to make an adequate diagnosis. It had the collaboration of archaeologists, architects, museologists, museographers, graphic designers, audiovisual, sound and interactive designers

The challenges of the lighting design project included:
- creating an atmosphere perceived as bright despite the lack of natural light
- contribute to the new visual identity of the museum
- light the pieces of the collection hierarchically
- create attractive dynamic sequences for the important elements located outside the showcases.

Several stages of prototyping were carried out that allowed to validate the proposed solutions and to understand with all the team the interactions between the pieces of the collection, the museography, the graphic elements and the light.

Finally, we chose to develop highly modular lighting solutions, which adapted well to the changes experienced by the museum systems design and construction.