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The Vertical City, Copenhagen Museum

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Fortheloveoflight
Lead Designers Nikolaj Birkelund
Other Designer's names Johan Carlsson, Christian Ankerstjerne, Lotte clementsen
Interior Design Company JAC studios
Client Copenhagen Museum
Photo Credits Adam Mørk : dk, Fortheloveoflight : dk
Other Credits Glass Artisan: Anders Raad : dk, Woodworking: Vermland : dk, Buschfeld lighting
Completion Date Feb 2021
Project Location Copenhagen
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Entry Description

The stairwell installation is conceptually grounded in the idea of the vertical city. As you move up through the stairwell, on each floor, you encounter a bespoke distorted glass disc referencing the windows of Copenhagen and life behind. The installation also features a custom-made solid oak piece that symbolizes the spires of the Copenhagen skyline.

The design of the installation is solved using a minimal simple structure in black rotated as the balustrade of the staircase. The installation is 11 meters tall and is designed to be self-supporting with only 8 horizontal supports.

The Lighting is solving both decorative as well as functional lighting meeting danish requirements. The spots are low voltage SORAA spotlights with integrated XICATO BLE controlled dimmer in the Buschfeld adaptor. Both the luminaires as well as tracks have been developed in close collaboration with Buschfeld lighting gmbh.

The glass windows is the result of a collaboration with glass artisan Anders Raad. The glass windows have been produced using a traditional method for manufacturing crown glass, one of the earliest low dispersion glasses, hand-made by a glass artisans.