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Wuxi Yuqi Sales Gallery

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Glint Lighting Design
Lead Designers Peggy Tan, Chayot Kiranantawat, Raymond Lim
Architecture Company Formwerkz Architects
Interior Design Company Studio iF
Client Seedland Real Estate Development, China
Photo Credits Seedland Real Estate Development, Here Space Photography
Other Credits Afternaut
Completion Date 8 December 2020
Project Location Wuxi, China
Entry Description

Designed with the notion of ‘Soft Technology’ to celebrate a symbiotic relationship between human, nature and technology, sculptural elements with extensive organic luminous curvaceous surfaces are used in this sales gallery to shape cocoon-like spaces and to be a focal point as well as create a stark contrast with the rectilinear façade envelope. A key lighting challenge was to illuminate this beautifully while also fulfilling functional needs. A lighting environment expressing an embracing softness was essential for the overall mood.

4000K colour temperature used for luminous surfaces and graphical details paints the ambiance in pure neutral white for a hi-tech interpretation. To keep the ceiling clean, small downlights are planned in clusters, sometimes echoing the curved forms below in their layout. Discreet and low glare downlights with 3500K were used to flatter skin tones and maintain some warmth for a residential feel.

Due to budget, a lighting control system was precluded. Hence the circuitry was carefully designed to calibrate brightness and uniformity in relation with the amount of daylight – to achieve a good contrast ratio and visual comfort for LED screen displays.