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The Satori Harbor

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Gradient Lighting Design
Lead Designers Chenlu Zhang
Other Designer's names Ting Yu, Yuchen Guo, Siqi Yang, Bodi Zhan, Shengrui Pu
Architecture Company Wutopia Lad
Client VIPS
Photo Credits CreatAR Images
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Guangzhou?China
Entry Description
The Satori Harbor, a culturally symbolic library situated in VIPshop's new headquarters. In Master Zhuangzi, the word Satori (Chaoche) describes a state of transcendental being in the practice of Taoism, as the morning light shining across the entire earth.

Chapter I: IL MONDO

Tunnel: One needs to go through a dim tunnel before arriving at the city.
City:Within the city are rarebook room, koto room, conference room, salon and selection corridor. At the edge are the café, lobby, magazine area and good things theatre.
Harbor: The tunnel leads to the entrance of VIP Harbor and you can take a break at the nook before entering. The large 13 bays of bookshelves become the city’s wall.
Under the Dome: The entire harbor is covered with rolling arches. Under these arches, sky, water and city all blends into one abstract tone.

Chapter II: A Happy Excursion

Satori: VIP Harbor is not an enclosed fortress. The cutouts on its perimeter allow the light to touch the city through different shapes and angles.
Sitting and Forgetting: There is an eye catching white ship docked at the harbor, on which one can walk slowly to the ship’s bow and overlook the Pearl River flowing quietly under.