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Seeing better in an ophthalmology practice

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tobias Link GmbH
Lead Designers Tobias Link
Other Designer's names Oliver Link
Client MVZ Augenspezialisten Saar GmbH
Photo Credits Sarah Pulvermüller
Completion Date 01.01.2021
Project Location Germany
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Entry Description

In the ophthalmology practice, a constant change of light is part of everyday life, which influences the inner clock of the human being. The practice team and patients benefit particularly from lighting that is oriented to the course of the day.
In an ophthalmological practice, the daily routine is determined by the alternation of light and dark. The external examination of the eye, reading and colour tests require a different lighting climate than the examination of the inner eye with slit lamp and magnifying glass.
In the past, doctors or staff therefore often had to open and close curtains or switch the light on and off at the switch. This is no longer necessary.
The light changes in illuminance and colour temperature, this is controlled by a daylight sensor, among other things. The different lighting moods for the examinations are additionally controlled directly via the examination devices. This allows the doctor to concentrate better on the patient. The data for the ergonomic lighting scenes were determined on the basis of an intensive basic analysis. Imaging analysis methods such as luminance cameras were also used.