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Zamoskvorechye outfall waterfront

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Culture of Lighting
Lead Designers Culture of Lighting Design Team
Architecture Company WOWHAUS
Photo Credits Maksim Zharkov
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Moscow
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Entry Description

Zamoskvorechye is one of the oldest and beautiful area where you could still feel the presence of merchant Moscow, like it was in XVIII-XIX centuries.
We had several tasks within the lighting concept for Ozerkovskaya and Ovchinnikovskaya banks in Zamoscvorechye:
• Provide qualitative functional lighting of the roads for car drivers and pedestrians, without overcrowding territory with a big number of lamps;
• Create comfortable lighting atmosphere during evening time which suits historical and architectural context and provide a safe walking area for residents and tourists;
• Make sure that lamps and lighting effects would not block the views of Moscow for people walking along the banks. Use light as passive and unobtrusive background for contemplation of the city, river and sky.
While the first part of the task consisted of technical work and lighting calculation, the other part which is illuminating sidewalks, became a creative process of working not only with light, but with shadows as well. We proposed to create accurate lighting pattern along the river bank. We also decided to not put lights in people field of view to avoid any blinding effects.