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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Akari-Keikaku Co.,ltd.
Lead Designers Shinichi Mihara
Architecture Company nikken-Home Co.,ltd.
Interior Design Company Akari-Keikaku Co.,ltd.
Client nikken-Home Co.,ltd.
Completion Date 2020/12/03
Project Location Japan
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Entry Description
The theme is harmony. Japanese word "Wa".

This is a part of Japanese culture. And this culture is fading away.

Everyone is saying, "Wah! It's not something that catches your eye, but something that you feel in your heart when you stand still there.

This is what I focused on in my lighting design.
In the windows of a Japanese-style room, the "shoji" is a combination of vertical and horizontal "timber boards". These are the bones that prevent the boards from warping.

If the light hits this horizontal wood, a beautiful gradation cannot be created.

So I made the "shoji" using only the vertical wood, and succeeded in creating a beautiful gradation.

This light is the light that we feel with our heart.

One more thing.

To match the gradation of the light on the ceiling, I used the same circuit to connect the Japanese style floor stand lights.

Of course, it can be dimmed.

I believe that lighting should play a supporting role in shadows.

It is important to have a gorgeous appearance, but I also think it is important to have light that can be felt from the heart.

?I don't speak English, so I used a translation app. The gaps in expression are charming.