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Home with car collection

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lightscapes Aps
Lead Designers Iben Winther Orton
Architecture Company SPOL
Client Anonymous
Photo Credits Naja Vacor
Completion Date September 2020
Project Location Denmark
Company Link View
Entry Description

With floating and smoothly undulating concrete surfaces, the architecture rests effortlessly over the terrain and creates a unique natural incidence of light.

This is lighting design for everyday life, cosy moments in the spa, indulging an enthusiasm for exotic cars, for parties, for family and friends. There are scenarios for different moods depending on activity.

The spa and wellness area, inside and in the garden, has a stylish, simple and intimate lighting quality. It is soft, warm and minimalist in expression, ensuring visual calm and coziness.

The lighting is completely built-in, integrated and glare-free from all angles in the building.

The garage has an everyday scenario, but also scenographic works combining moving lights with theatre and architectural luminaires, that recreate the atmosphere of a sunset trip in the Sahara Desert, a drive along the Mediterranean coastline, a journey through a light green forest. The cars can set the stage for the wildest party.

The ‘Mancave’ is the reserve in the gamer. Here, we have designed an all-encompassing, stretched, ‘cocoon’ of Barisol, specially designed with RGBWW and with built-in ventilation.