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La Fosca House

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Anoche Iluminación Arquitectónica
Lead Designers Marià Vallès, Jordi Ballesta, Carolina Benítez and Cristina Miquel
Architecture Company Tonet Sunyer
Interior Design Company Teresa Ramallal
Client Tonet Sunyer
Photo Credits Álvaro Valdecantos
Completion Date 2017
Project Location La Fosca, Girona. Spain
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Entry Description
Located in one of the most privilege areas of the Costa Brava with breathtaking sea views. A newly built house with a contemporary line and a Mediterranean air, designed by the Tonet Sunyer studio by the hand of Teresa Ramallal.

The light intention was to enhance the architecture by giving it all the prominence deserved. The light is integrated into the space therefore, each of the luminaires has been carefully designed and located. Apart from enhancing the elegance and simplicity of the architecture, the light leads the spaces, creating and encouraging family relationships. The interiors and exterior spaces have been designed with equal dedication, care and attention.

In collaboration with the authors of the project, the lighting of the second reality is designed: the night house. Every corner, every effect has been meticulously studied, tested and revised to make the user feel and notice the intention behind each effect, detail, surface and material. It has become a complete package of sensations, always subordinate to the main thing: architecture.