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China Resources Times Square

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Arup
Lead Designers Cherry Wang, Shaun Xue, Jet Yang , Junko Inomoto
Other Designer's names nendo x Nomura
Architecture Company nendo x Nomura
Interior Design Company nendo x Nomura
Client China Resources Land
Photo Credits Kingkay Architectural Photography
Completion Date December 2019
Project Location Shanghai
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Entry Description
Built in 1993, China Resources Times Square is a luxury retail development in the centre of Lujiazui, the financial district of Shanghai. In 2019, the mall was completely revamped with a new branding concept and reopened its doors with 51,000sqm of renewed retail space.

Arup's lighting design scope includes façade, landscape, interior common areas and themed zones.

Our lighting team worked closely with the architecture design team to fully express the new concept of ‘Beauty Theatre’.

On the facade, custom fixtures with selected optics are integrated at the base of the 800+ rods to create accents along the curtain outline, maximizing lighting effect with minimal energy consumption, and allowing ease of maintenance. Linear fixtures concealed along the top grazes the curtain gently.

The interior lighting continues the concept with theatrical elements such as the Broadway-inspired entrance ceiling and illumination of the 'curtain' in the central atrium. The custom pendant in the atrium space creates a focal point in the high space.

Through our attention to details, we achieved in creating an sustainable, immersive and unique retail experience for the city and our client.