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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company YAMAGIWA Corp.
Other Designer's names YUUMI FUKUI / TATSUHIKO IGAKI
Interior Design Company TSUKURUBA Inc.
Project Location Tokyo , Japan
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Entry Description
”YAMAGIWA NEW WORKPLACE PROJECT" has been launched since November 2020 along with the enactment of work style reforms. We created the new workplace in June 2021 with the concept of YAMAGIWA "GUILD” where the place lighting specialists gather and challenge each other. Striving for quality of the lights fixture design, brightness, color temperature and light source, we produced the rich environment. Well-considered lighting design brings numerous potentials for users to work in their own ways. The 4th floor is not only a place for working, but it also plays a role as a showroom to promote the diverse work style with the latest elaborate design lighting. Since we made a difference to the Illuminance according to the area, and to create comfortable atmosphere, we set low color temperature 3000K. On the 6th floor, for engineering, set high color temperature to 4000K, and provide uniform light distribution to avoid unnecessary shadows while working. On the 7th floor, the main operation is about core system, so we aimed simple design and set the color temperature to 3500K to maximize productivity.