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Beijing CR Land•Instreet

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Photo Credits TOPIA Vision
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Entry Description

The rapid process of urbanization has greatly improved people's living conditions, followed by the rapid pace of life and the sharp increase in mental stress.In the urban renewal project of Beijing CR Land Galleria Shopping Center Instreet Renovation,PROL embedded human-oriented thinking, focusing on the emotional release of people in the lighting environment. Through active lighting design interventions in public space, PROL was committed to make Instreet an urban spiritual oasis with both functionality and quality.
The exploration of lighting first took place in commercial streets. Instreet was next to a high-end residential community.Therefore, it has become the most important concern of lighting design to create a commercial atmosphere while minimizing the impact on the residence.
Focusing on the inner world of the urban population, the lighting design blended every details to heal the urban arrogance and impetuosity with an immersive lighting experience of “city archipelago”. This is a deep insight into the social needs in the renovation of Instreet from the lighting design angle.