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Duque 70 - Lisbon, Portugal

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company ARTsolutions group
Lead Designers Tiago Goncalves da Costa
Client Habitat Invest
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Entry Description

The Duque 70 project consists of a unique and innovative rehabilitation of four historic buildings in the heart of the Portuguese capital. The 52 apartments embrace a garden with a private swimming pool and feature 3 underground garage floors equipped with electric chargers in order to respond to an ever growing demand from residents for this type of solution. The architecture sought to preserve the original lines of all the facades, while providing the development with all the needs and functionalities of a modern urban life. This is probably the most rich "art deco" facade in Lisbon.

ARTsolutions was responsible for the Lighting Design project. The main objective was to reinforce the building's architecture by using dramatic lighting on its façades and reinforcing the most prominent architectural elements, as well as the contrast for some interior areas. We highlight the main facade where we use LED bars and spots remarking the facade elements of the building.