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KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia / Indonesian Railways Company) Main Office

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MAW desain
Lead Designers Mario Widagdo
Client KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia / Indonesian Railways Company)
Project Location Bandung
Entry Description

Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or Indonesian Railways Company's main office is located in Bandung. Based on Dutch map on 1905, the main building was used to be a hotel called Villa Maria. Railways company started to use this building as its office in 1916. Lighting Designer was appointed to do lighting refurbishment on the main facade, the locomotive monument and the inscription monument.

The lighting concept to bring out the architectural character of the building and the monuments themself. And since this is heritage complex, so wiring and lighting installation must be carefully planned not to wound or cut the building surface.

The shape of the main building is unique with two hexagonal masses on the right and left side. Lighting designer adds custom L shape aluminium with LED Strip along the building to wash the cantilever ceiling. Surface mounted uplighters are used to uplight the window frame..

At the locomoative monument, the wheel is washed with soft light. Lighting designer choose to shine only some parts of the body especially the chimney.

Custom L shape aluminium with LED Strip is also used to wash the inscription monument with soft linear indirect lighting