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National Taiwan Museum - Railway Department Building Rehabilitation

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company CosmoC design, Ltd.
Lead Designers Lin, Ching-Yu
Other Designer's names Chu, Ying-Chuan / Huang, Kuo-Chan / Wu, Bo-Chen
Architecture Company byhArch
Interior Design Company Atelier Or
Client National Taiwan Museum
Photo Credits Yuchen Zao
Completion Date 2020/07/01
Project Location Taipei City, Taiwan
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Entry Description
Through years of rehabilitation and attempts to reuse, the project takes up such missions as urban development and historic site restoration, acting as a versatile historic museum.
The design of the overall lighting is based on the concept of “weaving” that entwines elements of the old and the new in correspondence with the interior space. It transforms the concept of the station and railway into modern, abstract and clean geometric elements of dots, circles and lines, echoing accurately the main structure of the building and its scale and order. It accords with the distinct individuality of different spaces in the museum and diverse spatial functions. The project also shapes the rhythm of the environs by regulating with caution the balance between public vs. private, flowing vs. stagnant, and open vs. enclosed, incorporating history and culture into the environment and combining the architectural features of the building with modern visual needs, thereby making people in tune with the historic site by means of light.