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Park Row by Nulty

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Nulty
Lead Designers Daniel Blaker
Other Designer's names Eleanna Kafka
Interior Design Company Ab Rogers Design
Client Wonderland Restaurants and Warner Brothers
Photo Credits Wonderland
Completion Date July 2021
Project Location 77 Brewer Street, London
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Entry Description

Nulty’s lighting scheme for Park Row, brings Batman’s Gotham to life whilst respecting the listed building’s architectural features. The team used Art Deco lighting across the walls, pillars and ceiling, then added detail to accentuate the narratives told within the space. The Batcave - a black stairwell accessed via a secret bookshelf entrance - is lit by a 10m long chandelier by Nulty Bespoke, consisting of 25 transparent discs within a twisting helical structure. Each 400mm disc is edged with LEDs and lights up in a pulsating sequence that references the echolocation frequency of bats. Blacked-out pendant lights and discreet spotlights help visitors descend the stairs. Guests then enter Park Row, where a dramatic neon light within the ceiling coffer and a wall of mist mark the transition from Batcave to Gotham’s notorious street. In Pennyworth’s Bar, the team lit the bar beneath the counter to highlight the blue surface beneath and used LED strips in the sides of the gold leaf inlayed pillars to create a warm ambiance. In the Iceberg Lounge, a sculpture of The Penguin towers above bar and is lit from below, while clear glass plinth lights on tables bring the icy theme to life.