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Four Seasons Hotel Montreal

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company GMLD
Lead Designers Angela Green
Other Designer's names Granville McAnear
Architecture Company Lemay
Interior Design Company Philip Hazan
Completion Date May 2019
Project Location Montreal, Québec, Canada
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Entry Description
This new-construction luxury brand hotel sits in the Golden Mile of Montreal, Quebec. The 18-story volume of floor to ceiling glass curtain walls and up-lit golden bas-reliefs façade houses several lounges and lobbies, meeting rooms and ballrooms, fitness rooms and terraces, a restaurant, bar, spa, atrium, 169 hotel guestrooms, 18 private residences and commercial spaces within its 377,000 square feet. We met this challenge by proposing warm-dim technology throughout the hotel that is balanced and controlled through a central dimming system. An immense amount of studying and translating the vision and details of the architect and designer was key to the effective positioning and placement of all linear sources. All sight-lines and potential for glare were eliminated by efficient planning and detailing. The majority of the lighting throughout the hotel is fully concealed integrated linear lighting that expresses and showcases the architectural elements. Linear light sources matching the architectural lighting was implemented into decorative sources to ensure cohesive color temperature throughout the hotel.