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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company SPADE Studio
Lead Designers Marco Hemmerling
Photo Credits Tizian Rein
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Cologne
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Entry Description
The Tappodario is a 3D printed light object that turns used plastic bottles into customizable designer lamps! The project combines the re-use of old objects (let’s not call them waste) with the creation of something new. The individual production process and the assembly of the light object are an essential part of the “user journey”. This involvement in the creation of the Tappodario generates a strong identity with the product, which contributes to a hopefully long relationship between user and product. The Tappodario is inspired by a chandelier and uses recycled 3D printing filament to integrate all technical and functional aspects of the design in a coherent form. The resulting shape of a dodecahedron enables a compact radial arrangement of the bottles as well as effective illumination of the light object, which radiates evenly outwards from the center of the Tappodario. A broad variety of plastic bottles can be screwed in via the integrated standard cap profile. In addition, a E14-thread for the lamp socket is integrated in the 3D-model. Only the recycled material of 22 screw caps is needed to print a Tappodario, without any additional support structure.