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Taian Insurance Headquarter

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Oudelight Inc.
Lead Designers Yi-Chang Chen
Other Designer's names Hao-Wei Lin
Client Taian Insurance
Photo Credits Shashin Yang
Other Credits TONS Lightology Inc.
Completion Date April 2021
Project Location Taipei City, Taiwan
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Entry Description

The building originally was completed in 2002 without building façade lighting scheme.Taian Insurance bought it in 2019 and wanted to create a nocturnal landmark through the lighting scheme for the exterior architectural illumination.
The lighting scheme focuses on the balance among building’s integrity, corporate’s image and the lighting environment of the neighborhood. We emphasis on lighting up the classic building façade elements like column caps and arches. At the same time, light intrusion to the neighbors is listed to the high priority of concern. The distribution from all the fixtures are planned to be non-direct lighting. So that the glare to the passengers and light intrusion are well-controlled. Coordinating to the light-brown stone material, lighting temperature is set up to 3000K to render the gentle texture of the façade. At the top of the building base and baseline of the building crown, continuous light with 2200K warmer color temperature is used to enhanced the eaves and the belt features of the architecture. Light spills out from the interior office area between 3rd floor and 8th floor become the last piece to consummate the whole picture of the building.