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Mad Bars House: five restaurants in one

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Interior Design Company YOD design
Photo Credits Yevhenii Avramenko
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Lviv, Ukraine
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Entry Description
Lviv Mad Bars House is a conceptually unique place that gathered five different restaurants on six floors.
Our Mad Bars House lighting project actually consists of five projects in one.
The first floor - Var Bar. With white tiles, wood, and fragments of the original brickwork. To show the texture of a brick, we illuminated it with a hidden linear light of a warm glow.
The second floor - Win bar - is dedicated to the culture of wine consumption. We made a light accent on the wine rack, showing the texture of the bottles’ glass. The second key element of the space is a vine lamp, also highlighted with accent light.
Above the floor, the Wona restaurant is a light space with many tactile surfaces. To highlight these details, we created a flexible lighting system transforming the space throughout the day. It enabled us to change the depth and nature of the highlight, making the shadows move and automatically shifting the emphasis. In the lighting of the vine chandelier,we used an amber shade of light to make it warm.
The bars on the upper floors are more intimate. There is more subdued lighting and more contrasting light accents.We paid particular attention to the shadows from plants