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Tori Tori Santa Fe

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Luz En Arquitectura SC
Lead Designers Kai Diederichsen
Other Designer's names Veronica Marquez and Rosa Velasco
Interior Design Company Esrawe Studio
Client Grupo Tori Tori
Photo Credits Jaime Navarro and César Béjar
Completion Date March 2020
Project Location Santa Fe, Mexico City
Company Link View
Entry Description
Housed in the ground floor area of a multi-level office building in the western district of Santa Fé in Mexico City, the Tori Tori calm and monochromatic interior design was inspired by the subtle and sober ability of the Japanese handcraft. The space evolves around two wooden sculptural and monumental elements which resemble the armor of a Samurai warrior. Light was used to emphasize the layered design through the integration of a soft and subtle 2400K indirect lighting solution. Both create an important focal point from far and they resemble the feeling of a fire place where the guests gather around. The rest of the space is very neutral, since it was made out of light absorbing blackened wood and a very dark stone tile. Linear light fixtures with light grazing optics were used to highlight the Japanese Kanji inspired graphics. The rest of the restaurant areas focused on having good horizontal lighting on the tables allowing a flexible fitting without losing the quality of light on the food. Light was used to emphasize the architectural elements and at the same time, create an inviting and warm atmosphere.