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Netzstrategen workspace

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company studioteilchenwelle
Lead Designers Stefan Lotze
Architecture Company zwo/elf Architekten
Client Netzstrategen
Photo Credits Matthias Kapica
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Karlsruhe, Germany
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Entry Description

Clouds of light - a natural light dynamic for a digital work environment.
On site of the former meatpacking district, the Netzstrategen, a digital agency and consultancy, moved in a newly renovated building. The lighting concept is truly user-oriented and at the same time blends perfectly with the architecture. Smaller in scope, but all the more detailed in its implementation.

On the ground floor white cubes structure the open hall with its cast-iron columns. They are projected to the ceiling as strong but soft indirect lighting - Ideal for screen work and with the right angle of incidence for a melanopic effect. The colour temperature changes within the circadian rhythm, on a large scale, but also in subtle differences - like clouds moving above the cubes.

As counterpart spotlights in crisp neutral white emphasize the plasticity of the cubes or bringing warm direct light on the wooden tables.
On the upper floor, which is structured by old wooden beams, custom luminaires illuminate the ceiling fields precisely and uniformly in tunable white. Micro reflectors are angled individual at roof pitch and well hidden behind raw steel elements - only the luminous surface remains visible.