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Headquarters of the HuaYuLien Group

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Art Light Design Consultants
Lead Designers Wilson Lee,Lin Ke Yu,Tina Huang
Completion Date 14/11/2020
Entry Description
The heavy nighttime traffic of the development area combined with small-scale lighting on over-bright signboards make it difficult to identify buildings.We designed this exterior wall as a series of stacked geometric shapes so that its unique architectural motifs can be seen from afar at night.

The large curtain wall of the building and the hidden LEDs on the metal canopy above the ground floor create a soft, natural look.

We installed adjustable lights in the lattice structure formed by the beams and columns to give the exterior the look of stacked building blocks.

On the front of the building are a series of outlined crosses lit with mixed RGBW lighting with DMX-controlled brightness and color diffusion.

The penthouse was designed with large, vertical metal plates. The lighting is angled so that the light is dispersed throughout the linear metal channels.

The driveway’s continuous linear lighting design and the lights dotted along its left side provide a sense of scale and rhythm. The warm 2700K color temperature adds a sense of immersiveness to the space.