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Bistrup Church

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lightscapes Aps
Lead Designers Iben Winther Orton
Client Bistrup Church
Project Location Birkebakken 1, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark
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Entry Description

Traditional lighting design virtues result in a solution that is economical to implement and run, avoids light pollution, and gives unique character to a local landmark.

In daylight, the church has a dark, voluminous, silhouette. The brick is beautiful in its various shades of red. In the evening, this light-dark relationship inverts. The volume of appears softly lit in the twilight, creating visual tranquillity but also personal security around the church and in the park.

Using only 8 technical spots with varied optics, the lighting emphasizes scale, shape, colour, and material. All light sources are dimmed. The luminaires are focused so that the light is emitted at an oblique angle to the facade and caresses the surface like a painter’s brush stroke. The brightness decreases naturally as the distance between the light source and the wall surface increases.

Elsewhere, the existing ’Albertslund’ luminaires were renovated with modern light sources and linear LED was built into wooden railings beside steps from the parish hall to the park, the wooden canopy has been lit with a tight and precise oval lighting to the stone paving and light is warm, as in the rest of the lighting.