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Fino da Bossa, Canção de Autor

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio ió Arquitetura
Lead Designers Carolina Ciola Fonseca
Architecture Company Studio ió Arquitetura
Interior Design Company Studio ió Arquitetura
Client Fino da Bossa, Canção de Autor - Raul Correa da Silva
Photo Credits Rubens Campo, Algeo Cairoli, André Stefano
Completion Date October 2020
Project Location Sao Paulo
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Entry Description

Piano bar with only 40 square meters located at an important avenue of São Paulo/ Brazil. The space has a stage 2.15 meters deep and 2.85 meters wide, a hall 4 meters wide by 10 meters deep and the height is limited to 2.80 meters.
The stage is located at the back, the bar is at the front, on each side we have 04 tables with linear benches and chairs, 01 bistro table with 04 bar stools and 04 bar stools at the bar stand, totaling 40 seats.
The style is sophisticated and contemporary. The image of a butterfly was the inspiration for the colors, textures, and materials of the place. All these materials benefit the acoustic.
As the space is exceedingly small, the lighting was divided in interior environment, function, decorative and stage lighting. The interior environment is made by 03 linear RGB pendant LEDs in the middle of the corridor between the ceiling cloud acoustics panels. The function lighting is for the light panel, the bar and the ramp handrail. The decorative are in the 04 sconces installed on the soundproof panels and the 02 pendants on the bar. The stage lighting is on the tracks. The facade received an embedded RGB linear projector and the brand's backlight.