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Young Pioneers Wall

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Culture of Lighting
Lead Designers Julia Zharkova
Other Designer's names Alena Osina
Architecture Company WOWHAUS
Photo Credits Maksim Zharkov
Completion Date June 2020
Project Location Moscow
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Entry Description

This place in Moscow is a real artifact of the Soviet era. The history of the Young Pioneers Stadium, which gave life and development to children's and youth sports in the USSR, began in 1917.
In 1946, a new metal fence was built for the stadium, designed by architect Yuri Shchuko. In the corners of the fence, rounded stone niches for mosaics were built, in which unique mosaic panels were placed in 1964.
The project of reconstruction and improvement of the wall of the Stadium of Young Pioneers was made in 2019. The architects came up with to make the wall a pedestrian gallery with an exhibition about the history of the Young Pioneers Stadium, a sports gym, bouldering wall, outdoor Seating and children's games. We tried to make the lighting create a pleasant atmosphere, be decorative and functional at the same time, emphasize architectural solutions, pay attention to historical details.
The lighting solution is based on the nuances of shades of white light - the amber accents of the arches work well against the general warm light background in the functional areas, the cold shade of white light for architectural lighting of mosaic panels perfectly conveys the colors of the mosaic.