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Baby Spot

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Kovac Design Studio
Lead Designers Michael Kovac
Photo Credits Lars Frazer
Completion Date 8/1/21
Project Location Los Angeles, California USA
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Entry Description
Conceived as a targeted, portable lighting solution and interactive design object in equal parts, Baby Spot is a spirited take on the traditional flashlight that can also function as a child’s toy. When on, its light weight, cordless compact form, and battery-powered LED bulb provide targeted illumination ideal for those in need of mobile light emission. Its durable soft-touch plastic exterior provides an ideal surface on which to draw with markers and is entirely cleanable, allowing for endless customization and creativity. Its materiality also makes Baby Spot realistic on a technical and economical level to develop and market large-scale while remaining sensitive to environmental impact. Ergonomically, its simple and grip-friendly design makes it easy for both children and adults to use and provides a sense of joy to the user in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose.